Bathroom renovations for seniors

Well-designed bathrooms can help older people remain independent in their own homes for longer.


At FlowFix Plumbing we use our expertise to create bathrooms for the elderly that

  • … are both functional and look good.
  • … use accessories that are widely available on the market.
  • … don’t have bathroom fittings or plumbing that look out of place.
  • … put the comfort and safety of the elderly first.

Bathroom renovation ideas for comfort and accessibility as we age

Thinking toilets in bathroom renovations

Possibly the simplest thing to consider when looking at bathroom renovations for seniors is the height of the toilet. There are a number of toilet suites that are up to 40mm higher than a standard toilet pan. It may not sound like a lot, but it can make a big difference to those with reduced mobility.

A wall hung toilet pan can be set to your preferred height using an adjustable wall bracket hidden inside the wall. This not only gives you a raised height pan, but a designer style appearance to your bathroom and ease of cleaning under and around the toilet.

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Accessible showers for seniors

Older shower and baths can take away the independence and convenience that older people need in their bathrooms. A walk-in shower with non-slip tiles is probably the safest in a bathroom designed for the elderly.

Allowing sufficient space for a seat will also help bring down the common danger of slipping in the shower.

Adding a frameless shower screen panel with safety glass would add a modern look and further eliminate the likelihood of trips or falls.

Wall-mounted shampoo and soap dispensers placed within easy reach eliminate for bar soap or shampoo bottles which can be dropped or cause tripping hazards.

Shower heads when renovating

Not all shower heads are created equal. The angle of the shower head matters, as some of them are designed to rain down water and others shoot water at more of an angle. We recommend using slide showers which allow the shower head to be adjusted to various heights or used as a handshower, so you can move it around and wash more easily.

Another, although possibly less obvious consideration, is your energy budget in the future. Mixers that save on energy costs are a simple and cost-effective way of minimising your power bill.

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Baths for senior-friendly bathrooms

Many elderly people enjoy a relaxing bath to help ease aches and pains. Step-in tub showers can be difficult for older people though. The balance needed to step over the edge of the tub can become difficult in later years. But some people still want a smaller tub for a number of reasons, usually space.

If that is you, speak to us about tubs that you can walk into and close a door with a watertight seal. You can sit down in the bath and relax, but still get in and out easily and these tubs can put in a smaller space.

If you have sufficient space, it is also possible to retain your old bath and have an easy-access wet area in another area of the bathroom, possibly even in front of the bath.

bathrooms for elderly

Bathroom renovations for seniors

Many people are lucky enough to take bathroom areas for granted to some extent.

However, the toilet and bathroom can be the most uncomfortable spaces for our elderly if they are not designed properly, and convenience issues are safety issues.

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Bathroom renovations for seniors

Other considerations include …

  • easy-turning taps. With an aging population, taps that can be turned on and off easily are essential. You may wish to opt for lever taps over twist taps.
  • the height of vanity tops, storage, and power points, making sure they are neither too high, too low or at an awkward angle.
  • being able to add handrails to key areas over the bath, by the toilet and in the shower.

We are Orewa plumbers well known for our approachability and the quality of our work. We have built up a valuable reputation working with residential clients, and it’s a reputation we’re very proud of. When it comes to bathrooms for older people, we’ll take care of all your plumbing needs to the best of our ability and we’ll do it with a smile.

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