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From shower screen or shower tray replacements to a completely new shower, we offer a full range of shower installation services. We cover the North Shore, Hibiscus Coast and Rodney.

Our plumbers have many years’ experience. They know how to make shower installations stress-free and get showers flowing right again. Call 027 265 4949

Get your shower flowing as it should

We can work on any type or brand of shower. Regardless of whether you’re building a new bathroom, you’re doing a shower makeover, or you have a small leak or larger repairs that require resealing and replacement hoses, shower rails, shower screens, roses or tapware, we’re your team.

We offer complete shower installation, repair and replacement services. We can supply everything you need, so you don’t have the hassle of organising the stuff needed for your shower installation.

Whether you are looking to update your bathroom, want to replace an old bath with a modern shower, or you need a shower that is more accessible, we’re here to help. 

We work on the North Shore, Hibiscus Coast and Rodney. Whether you want to freshen up your bathroom or fix a leak, we are the right choice for the job.

Shower replacements and repairs

Got a leaky shower, a shower with a miserable rose, a temperamental shower mixer, a shattered shower door, or a shower that is in desperate need of an upgrade? We can do what needs doing. Our team of expert plumbers and the skilled builders we work with can upgrade your shower and carry out any shower replacement job, regardless of the size.

We know how stressful it can be for a household when a bathroom is out of action, so we offer a wide range of quality solutions to suit your budget and we do our utmost to work within your time frame.

We also know that a leaking shower can cause serious damage to your home, so if you do have problems with water going where it shouldn’t, we suggest you act now and call 027 265 4949 before the problem gets any worse. Years on the tools means we can find the root of any problem with your shower and get it fixed efficiently and effectively.

We only use the highest quality parts and fixtures from trusted suppliers, and after the installation of all new shower fixtures or fittings, we’ll do a thorough check to make sure every tap, rose, mixer, and shower waste is working exactly as it should be before we leave your property. 

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Shower installations

Building a new home or need a new look bathroom? We can easily install any type of shower to fit your plans, regardless of the type or brand. Our experienced team can seamlessly install your new shower, taking care of all waterproofing, plumbing, and tiling. We can also advise on the best products to choose from. As well-known local plumbers, we can source the best fixtures and parts to get the perfect new shower happening for your bathroom.

Nothing dates a bathroom more than a combination shower over bath. Baths can take up a lot of space in a small bathroom. Replacing an old bath and shower combination is easier than you might imagine. By removing an old bath and replacing it with a shower recess you will reclaim floor space and create room for storage, a gorgeous vanity or shelving. 

We can visit your home and provide a free quotation to replace your old shower box, bath, shower door or tapware. We offer very competitive rates.

Feel good knowing that your bathroom will not only look fresh and contemporary but will also be backed by the Flow Fix plumbing guarantee.

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The north Auckland team for great showers 

Our team are expert in replacing showers. We have done loads of them. So, relax knowing we can sort your shower for you with minimum disruption to your home.


Flowfix have worked on a couple of projects…the re plumbing of a renovated kitchen and a shower head replacement. In both instances they have been professional. Communication was fantastic and the Team always arrived on time and were easy to talk to and answer and explain any questions we had. Would recommend.

Guy LePine-Williams

For all shower replacements call 027 265 4949.
You’ll have the bathroom you want and have the peace of mind that comes with partnering with a fully licensed, experienced plumbing company. FlowFix Plumbing can fix or replace your shower in Warkworth, Orewa, Whangaparaoa, Millwater and the North Shore.