Got blocked drains? Can you hear disconcerting gurgling noises? Is water pooling in the basin, shower, sink or laundry tub, or even worse, the toilet? Do you have a distinctive aroma wafting in your windows?

Need drain unblockers at your place?

If your drains or gully traps need to be unblocked or altered, you can stop your search for a drainage specialist. You’ve come to the right place. Call FlowFix Plumbing on 0800 476 144. We can check your drains and then unblock them to get them back to doing what they should: stuff flowing out.

We’ll have your blocked drain flowing freely in no time, no stress, no mess

At FlowFix we use a proven, natural process to unblock your drains without having to dig up your entire lawn and garden or use any heavy chemicals. Hydro-Jetting is quick, economical, environmentally safe and provides a long-term solution.

Hydro jetting uses the power of high-pressure water to unblock and clean underground drainpipes. You get a long-lasting drainage fix, and you can be confident the same problem won’t reappear a few weeks later.

From clogged sinks or toilets to backed-up sewer pipes and blocked stormwater drains, our drain unblockers can perform all types of drain clearing safely and efficiently. 

Our hydro jet drain cleaning equipment can penetrate deep into built-up debris to flush out rocks and accumulations of grease, silt, fats, soap, hygiene products, hair and other components of sludge and blockages. High-pressure hydro-jetting can also be used to remove roots in drains by using specialised cutting tools driven by the water jets.

Chemical-free drain unblockers 

You may have googled “how to unblock a drain” and are now reaching for a chemical drain cleaner to clear that clogged drain, but don’t. Before throwing highly corrosive chemicals into your plumbing system, call 0800 476 144. Chemical drain cleaners contain incredibly caustic chemicals that can actually eat away at your pipes and damage your plumbing system even further. 

Blocked drains occur for a number of reasons

There are many different reasons why a drain in your home has become clogged. Normal wear and tear over time can lead to a small clog, which if ignored, can lead to a larger blockage. This is why preventative maintenance is so important to spot the small clogs before they develop further.

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Blocked drain jetting

Whether your drains are very slow-moving or completely blocked, hydro-jet cleaning is the answer. Sewer pipes and stormwater drains: we can unblock the lot. Pressure cleaning is suitable for both commercial and residential properties and can be used on small residential pipes to large

Local, trusted, family-owned and operated, we’re the drain unblockers in Orewa to call to get stuff flowing. Nothing gets in our way.

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