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Blocked drains?

If your drains are blocked, one of the best ways to clear them is to use hydro jetting. Without having to dig up your entire lawn, garden, walls, floors, or driveway, we can unblock your drains and the same issues won’t reappear a few weeks later. We do it properly by using a special hose and cleaning head that clears without damaging drain pipes.

Hydro-Jetting is quick, economical, environmentally safe and provides a long-term solution.

unblock your drain

Blocked drains occur for a number of reasons:

There are many different reasons why a drain in your home has become clogged. But beware, a small clog, which if ignored, can lead to a larger blockage.

Blockages in bathrooms

Most bathroom drain blockages happen when dirt, and hair binds to soap scum on the walls of drain pipes. Over time, this gunk accumulates and reduces water flow. You can use a good drain cover to prevent hair from going down the drain and from time to time you can tip a cup of vinegar or a handful of baking soda down the shower drain.

Blocked toilets – uh oh

Clogged toilets are a nasty business. These mainly happen when people drop items down the toilet they shouldn’t, either accidentally, unwittingly or maliciously.

  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Cotton-tipped swabs
  • Dental floss
  • Pre-moistened diaper wipes
  • Telephones
  • Credit cards
  • False teeth
  • Kids’ toys

Sanitary items and flushable wipes aren’t actually designed to be flushed. These wipes get stuck somewhere along the drain and it only takes a couple more flushes for everything to get blocked up, so don’t do it.

Blocked kitchen sinks

Kitchen sinks clog when cooking grease, fat and oil stick onto drain pipe walls. Add soap scum and un-dissolved food particles such as rice, which expands in water, and you’ve got a stubborn, gunky clog.

The solution is to scrape plates into the compost bin before rinsing them off in the sink. When cleaning pans and oven trays, pour boiling water down the drain or run the hot water tap for a couple of minutes to keep everything smoothly moving through.

Tipping fat down the sink may seem like the easy solution when no one is looking. Bad idea! When the fat, oil or grease cools (even if you blast it with hot water on its way down), it hardens and sticks to the pipe walls, then when you least expect it, you’ve got a nasty blocked drain.

The answer to blocked kitchen sinks is to dispose of your fats, oils and greases by pouring them – once they’ve cooled – into a sealed package and throwing it out in the rubbish. An easy and reasonably environmentally OK way to do this is with used tinfoil. Line a bowl with the tinfoil, pour the grease into it and then pop it in the freezer. On rubbish day, take out the frozen grease blob and chuck it in the rubbish. You can then throw the tin foil into the recycling.

Sorting blocked drains

If any of these drainage crimes do take place at your place, don’t panic. We can be there with our CCTV cameras to diagnose exactly what the problem is without adding to the mess and drama and then we can sort the whole problem out with our hydro jetting equipment. Call FlowFix Plumbing on 027 265 4949 and we’ll unblock your drains in no time at all and get you going with the flow.


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