Plumbing Installations

Installation Of Plumbing Fixtures 

As a home or business owner, it may be tempting to tackle seemingly simple plumbing stuff yourself. But the truth is that the installation of many plumbing fixtures can get complicated, and some you simply cannot do yourself. Also, the last thing you need is for your home insurance to be void because you carried out some dodgy plumbing installations. To be sure, it’s always better to hire a professional licensed plumber. Listen to what they’re telling you. It’s time to call a professional to install your new vanities, taps, toilets or water filters. 

FlowFix Plumbing has the expert professionals you need. We will provide plumbing services that ensure balanced flow and pressure to and from every tap and appliance in your home.

Installing Bathroom Vanities

Big, small, his and hers, no matter what you type of vanity you’ve chosen for your bathroom, you want to make sure it is installed seamlessly. Get FlowFix Plumbing to install your vanity and you will be pleased with the work. Trust our trained experts to take care of all the plumbing work to get you bathroom up and running, beautifully. Call FlowFix on 027 265 4949 to get a free, no-obligation quote.

Water Filtration Systems

A filtration system ensures water you need is safe and clean. If your drinking water is not chlorinated, domestic water filters can filter or kill harmful bacteria. But, installing water filters is a restricted practice that can only be done by licensed PGDB plumbers. DIY or use a cowboy and risk a fine of up to $10,000. Luckily, FlowFix Plumbing are licensed PGDB plumbers. We can install, repair and place cartridges on your water filtration system. 

Water Pumps

There are so many pumps out there, and we’re more than happy to install a customer supplied water pump should you wish. However, we use and recommend DAB water pumps because after years of never having any issue with them, we trust they’re the best. The DAB Esybox is our water pump of choice, its constant pressure being among the many benefits it offers.

Hire FlowFix Plumbing Ltd

FlowFix Plumbing Fixture is the number one in plumbing services from Albany, Silverdale, Millwater and up to Warkworth. We help to create plumbing solutions that make your spaces work more efficiently.  After the installation of every laundry, kitchen and bathroom fixture or fitting, you can be confident that every tap, sink, plug, basin, vanity, filter, toilet, shower or bath is working exactly as it should be before we leave your property. We know you don’t want to blow your whole renovation or building budget on the installation of fixtures, so we make our part of your building journey as affordable as possible.

We provide plumbing services north of Auckland’s Harbour Bridge as far north as Warkworth and we stand by all of our repairs and services. Call FlowFix on 027 265 4949 and you’ll get quality plumbing done at your place. And we’re priced right.