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Water not flowing how and when it should?

No one wants to be left high and dry. If your water pump starts playing up, we understand how frustrating it is. We truly appreciate how important it is to get your water up and running again as soon as possible.

We will endeavour to be at your home or business on the day you call us to sort out your water flow. If we can’t get your pump issues solved on the spot, we can even set you up with a loan pump. That way you won’t be left without water while we look at all your options.

Call FlowFix Plumbing on 027 265 4949. We’ll come up with effective and cost-efficient solutions to get your water running again as quickly as possible.

Water pump servicing and replacements

Is there no water from the pump? Do you have reduced or lower than expected water flow? Does your water pump not start or not stop? Does it keep starting, even though all taps are turned off? Can you hear funny clicking sounds? Are your taps spitting, coughing or gurgling at you? Is your pump making a lot more noise than it used to?

Funny noises from water pumps are often the first sign that something is about to go seriously wrong. Your water pump may need maintenance or replacing. 

When it comes to water pumps, bearings can wear out, seals may need replacing or there may be debris blocking the intake, debris might be caught in an impeller or causing a blockage at the filter, or the suction line could be leaking. 

Anything that impedes the water’s flow into the line will cause a reduction in the flow rate. If your water pump has any of these symptoms, it’s time for some urgent action. Get in touch with our FlowFix plumbing team.

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It’s not one size fits all when it comes to water pumps

The greater the distance a pump has to pull the water, the lower the flow rate will be. Get too far from the water source and the more power needed for ‘sucking’ the water than discharging it. This reduces the flow rate.

To work correctly for your home or business, your water pump system has to be designed to suit and be regularly maintained. Thanks to over 15 years’ plumbing experience, Dave will quickly understand what’s gone wrong with your water system and can offer solutions. His focus is on quality workmanship, and as a problem solver, he is very good at of finding answers to challenging tasks.

Our water pump services cover both residential and light commercial pump system designs and installations.

Our water pump services include:

  • pump system design and installation
  • pump sales
  • leaks to pumps
  • pump replacement
  • pump upgrades.

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Replacement water pumps

If you need a replacement water pump, we’ll advise on the best, most cost-effective options available. We can install our loan pump for up to a week, so you’ll still have water while you decide which way you want to go.

FlowFix Plumbing can supply a wide range of water pumps – from new inverter technology pumps to traditional pumps. We can specify the right pump for the size of your property and the number of people living or working there. We have the pumps and expertise to design a system at your place that works. And we only install quality water pumps because they actually cost less than cheaper pumps. Why? Because they last longer and don’t tend to break down.

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The pump that saves on cash and noise pollution

For a quiet, reliable water pump, we recommend the DAB ESYBOX. Clever inverter technology measures flow and pressure so the pump will only run at the speed needed to pump water from A to B at constant pressure.

Translated to layspeak, that means that if only one tap is on, the pump will power up to a low level. Turn on more taps and the pump will also rev up. Pumps without this variable speed control system pump at full power, regardless of the water required, making them far less energy efficient.

DAB is one of the most popular water pump brands. Whether it’s for an industrial application, getting water for your home or irrigating your garden, DAB has a solution for practically every situation. They work regardless of whether high or low water flow rates are required. Call 027 265 4949 to find out more about the right water pump for your job.

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North Auckland water pump services

Whether you live in Albany, Takapuna, Orewa, Millwater, Silverdale, Mahurangi West, Puhoi, Warkworth, Snells Beach, Matakana or Omaha, we will get your water flowing again. We service the North Shore, the Hibiscus Coast and the entire Rodney district. We install, maintain and replace water pumps. Call 027 265 4949 for pump action to get your flow fixed fast.