Got a leaking water pump?

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Out of water? We’ll sort it. When it comes to fixing leaks, nobody does it better. Call 027 265 4949 and we’ll fix your water flow in no time.

No water? 

No one wants to be left high and dry without water. If your pump starts leaking everywhere, we understand how frustrating it is, and how important it is to get your water up and running again as soon as possible. That’s why we put a such an emphasis on prioritising leaking pump repairs.

Whenever humanly possible, we will endeavour be at your home or business on the day you call us to fix your water flow. Call us on 027 265 4949.

From our base in Orewa, we sort the flow from the water pumps Warkworth, Orewa and North Shore residents rely on every day.

water pump repairs

Pump repairs and servicing

Does your water pump not start or not stop? Does the pump keep starting and stopping, even though all taps are turned off? Can you hear rapid clicking sounds? Are taps spitting? Is your pump louder than it should be? If this sounds like your water pump, then call us today. It is urgent, so call 027 265 4949.

If your water pump is making funny noises, it is often the first sign that something is about to go seriously wrong, and your water pump may need maintenance or replacing. Bearings can wear out in water pumps, seals may need replacing or sometimes pumps can pick up debris in an impeller which can cause the odd sounds. Either way, it’s time for some urgent action. Get in touch with our FlowFix plumbing team so we can come and sort your water flow out.

Replacement water pumps

FlowFix Plumbing offers a wide range of water pumps – from new inverter technology pumps to traditional-style pumps. It’s not one size fits all when it comes to water pumps. We’ll look at your system so we can specify the right pump for the size of your home and the number of people living there.

We only install quality water pumps because they actually cost less than cheaper pumps. Why? Because they last longer and don’t tend to break down. 

If you need a replacement water pump, we’ll advise on the best, most cost-effective options available.

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We sort the water pumps Warkworth, Orewa and North Shore residents rely on for home and commercial water supply. Call 027 265 4949. Call us for pump action to get your flow fixed fast.