At FlowFix Plumbing, we understand the frustration when you suspect you have a blocked drain but can’t see into your pipes.


Our CCTV drain inspection services include

  • Drain diagnosis
  • Defining depth of services
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Pre-purchase inspections 
  • ‘Works Over’ reports
  • Locating pipe routes, without connecting to the source.

What’s blocking that drain?

Our Orewa plumbers can see what’s up with your pipes or stuck down your drains. We’ll save you time and money by pinpointing the source of the problem with a CCTV drain inspection. Call Dave on 027 265 4949.

How much will it cost to fix that drain?

This is usually one of the first questions we get asked when clients discover they have a blocked drain or leaking pipe. A CCTV drain inspection means we can give you a much clearer answer. Why?  Because, unlike some other drainlayers, we won’t have to dig up your drains, lawn, or driveway to diagnose the problem. We can take a look and then give you a clear picture as to how much the drain repair is going to cost, or how long it will take.

We can find that drain and check it out

Whether you’re building, renovating, installing a new drain, or there’s a blockage from tree roots or any other sort of issue, our high-tech cameras let us locate and inspect water, sewer and stormwater pipes accurately and easily.

The size and versatility of our high-tech camera mean we can carry out inspections almost anywhere. We provide services to both residential and commercial clients across north Auckland.

How CCTV drain cameras help

Our specialised CCTV cameras give a full visual inside your drains without tearing up floors or driveways, breaking down walls or destroying your garden. From above ground, CCTV drainage inspections let us locate drains, sewers and pipes or find faults, cracks or obstructions in your drainage system. 

If there is an issue, we can provide a quote to fix it and get your drain back to doing what it should.

CCTV drain inspection and location service 

We locate underground pipes using sonde and CCTV equipment. Sonde uses a small transmitter inside the CCTV and the precise pipe location is detected by the receiver, above ground. 

The Sonde can trace a pipeline or locate and expose buried manholes or pipe defects with minimal digging.

Drain reports

Need council consent or ‘works over’ approval for a project? Looking to buy a property and need a pre-purchase inspection? There can be a lot happening under a property that you need to know about before you buy or start to excavate. We have the camera technology to provide the clear picture you need. Our CCTV drain camera system allows us to take snapshots, provide you with high-quality footage and produce a digital report you can take to the council. 

CCTV drain inspections will identify the location of drains and check their condition to provide the required information for your building consent. 

Drain Inspections
drain unblocking services

How are your drains flowing?

Over time, drains can slowly deteriorate. As they are hidden from normal view, it can be hard to pinpoint the exact cause and nature of the problem without messy, time-consuming digging. Our CCTV cameras save you time and money because we can see what going on, or not, inside your drains.

Get the job done faster with the right gear and the right expertise. For drainage solutions that work. Call FlowFix Plumbing on 027 265 4949.