Want to build a deck, shed, house, driveway or retaining wall?

So did our client’s client. We’ve recently completed work for a local Hibiscus Coast surveyor whose client required resource consent to build a retaining wall. How were we able to help? By supplying a report for ‘Works Over’ approval.

What’s that got to do with a plumber?

Lots! Our clever plumbing team provides surveyors, developers and homeowners with accurate CCTV drain surveys and ‘Works Over’ reports.

If you are anywhere within the Auckland region and you’re planning to dig, build or renovate near or over stormwater or sewer lines, you will need to apply for Watercare ‘Works Over” approval.

In order to get resource consent, our client needed to locate a manhole. He needed to demonstrate to council exactly where it was on his client’s property before they could build his retaining wall. That’s where our fantastic new CCTV drain camera and equipment saved the day. We found the manhole for him and provided a ‘Works Over’ report. They were then able to apply to Auckland council for ‘Works Over’ approval and build a fence.

What is ‘Works Over’ approval?

The Auckland City Council requires you to apply for ‘Works Over’ approval for any activity carried out over or in the vicinity of public water or wastewater pipes to ensure that those construction or excavation activities do not damage Watercare’s assets or affect their ability to access and maintain them.

To get building consent from Auckland council, you will need a CCTV drain or sewer report for all work to be done within 10 metres of Watercare critical assets or within 2 meters of Watercare non-critical assets, such as pipes or manholes.

With our up-to-the-minute CCTV equipment, our drainlayer can work with you so you get the approval you need efficiently and cost-effectively. No need to do open-cut excavations: a very intrusive time consuming and expensive process. A CCTV drainage survey is the fastest, most practical and cost-effective way to locate and inspect Watercare assets.

What you need for ‘Works Over’ approval

Our ‘Works Over’ reports comply with all council standards, and include

  • A CCTV report and video showing the condition of pipes and detailing the inspection results
  • The legal property address (as allocated by Auckland Council)
  • Comprehensive footage
  • An as-built drawing.

How do CCTV pipe inspections work?

The process involves a sophisticated camera. For larger pipes, like those used in sewerage systems, a CCTV tractor is used to move the camera along. For smaller ones, such as those used in Watercare assets, our drainlayers use a snake profile camera.

As the camera moves inside the pipes, we can check for issues, such as clogging, cracks or leaks. The video footage also contains overlaid details like the pipe name, street address, pipe diameter, pipe shape, date and time of CCTV inspection and depth of the access points.

cctv survey for works over approval

CCTV drain surveys

If you are considering building, renovation or excavating you may require a report and CCTV footage of the drains on your property.

Contact us today if you need to know more about ‘Works Over’ applications and how our drain inspection services and CCTV reports can help get your building project off the ground.


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