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Here are some of the reasons you should call us:

  • We’ll respond to your call and get your system back to normal quickly
  • Our plumbers will investigate why the blockage occurred to determine if there are other problems
  • We are professional
  • Our prices are affordable

If it’s blocked or burst, we can fix it for you, fast.

Burst pipes and blocked sinks are some of the main reasons that customers call us when they need plumbing repairs. If you’re suffering any of these problems, or if you’re having any other issue with your plumbing, get in touch with us so we can fix it fast.

We are here for all of your plumbing emergencies 24/7. Call us for an emergency plumber North Shore to Orewa. It doesn’t matter when and where they may arise. Trust us to be there when you need us with great services at affordable prices.

Call 027 265 4949.

Burst Pipes

Burst pipes can be caused by having old pipe work such as dux qest running throughout the house or if the ground is dry and starts to pull the pipe work underground apart. 

If you have a burst pipe, we’ll quickly identify the source and then repair the existing pipe, if possible. If it isn’t possible, we’ll replace the burst pipe with a new one.

If it’s a water main that’s burst and it’s under concrete, we’ll often consider other options such as running a new water main so that it doesn’t happen again. Get your plumbing fixed fast by calling us today on 027 265 4949.

What Can You Do About A Burst Pipe?

Your top objective until our emergency plumber arrives, is to stop water flowing out of the hole in the pipe. Locate the main shut-off valve to your house in the Toby Box and close it. Turning off the shut-off valve will close the water supply to the pipe and fixtures and therefore stop the flood. If you have a pump, close the valve on the pump or water tank, and turn off the power to the pump.

Next, turn on the hot and cold water taps to release the pressure and quickly drain the trapped water and steam from the pipes. This will stop the leak from causing further damage to your house. Then phone FlowFix Plumbing for assistance. Use towels to soak up escaping water in your house, and if water has leaked near your electricity switches, cables or appliances, switch them off at the mains.

Blocked Pipes And Drains

Is your blocked drain or burst pipe an emergency situation? As you can contact us 24/7, there is always help available, so don’t delay. Delaying could mean water and/or waste water getting into places where it shouldn’t and causing further damage. Acting fast is the best way to ensure the need for repairs is kept to a minimum. Call 027 265 4949 for an emergency plumber North Shore to Orewa.

When you call us in an emergency, an experienced and qualified plumber will be available to give you advice over the phone on steps you can take to stop the water. We’ll then visit your location and complete the repair. All our plumbers have fully equipped vans that include all the tools, materials, and replacement parts they need.

So, if you have an emergency blocked drain or burst pipe situation, please call us on 027 265 4949.

Blocked Sinks

There are a number of reasons why a drain can get blocked including hairballs, product and oil build up and more. Blocked sinks can lead to flooding, which can cause substantial water damage. If not taken care of right away. If you’re not sure what’s blocking your drain contact FlowFix Plumbing to handle your blocked drain repairs.

For blocked pipes, we use a range of methods to free up the blockage. This includes removing blockages from shower and bath drains as well as from sink drains.

Once we’ve removed the blockage, we can give you advice on how to prevent the problem from occurring in the future.

To book a plumber to visit your home or business, please contact us today by calling 027 265 4949.

Location Services

We can also assist with underground services location. If you need accurate location details of all the underground services on your project, we have the equipment and knowledge to do just that. Our service locator is skilled and experienced in providing utility location services in a range of sites throughout Auckland and beyond.

If you are not confident that you have a full understanding of all the cables, pipes, and other assets that are under the ground, then get in touch with us. 

utility location services

Repairing Blocked Toilets in North Auckland

Blocked toilets are always unpleasant. When your toilet gets blocked, you need to get it repaired fast. 
Stop – you don’t have to deal with that blocked toilet on your own as professional help is available at FlowFix Plumbing. 
To get a quote for unblocking your toilet, please call us today on 027 265 4949. 

Call 027 265 4949 for an emergency plumber North Shore to Orewa. Our team of plumbers operates throughout the North Auckland area. We work from the North Shore, Millwater, Silverdale, Orewa to Warkworth. We will respond to your call fast, and we are always professional and courteous .