What is a Water Pressure Pump?

If your shower is more of a dribble or it takes ages to fill the bath, it’s likely you have a problem with low water pressure. A home water pressure pump helps solve instances of poor mains water pressure. The DAB E.SYBOX pump could be the solution you’re looking for to forever solve your water pressure problems.

The DAB E.SYBOX — Electronic Water Pressure System

This is the crème de la crème of water pressure pumps. German made, The DAB E.SYBOX is a leader in electronic pump technology as an all-in-one pump solution. it’s ideal for maintaining consistently good water pressure in domestic and light commercial applications.

DAB E.SYBOX is the pump for you if you’re using tank water. It is a self-priming, multi-stage pump that provides additional pressure when it’s required, delivering a constant water pressure, so you’ll feel like you’re on mains pressure all the time. Another reason why we love the DAB E.SYBOX pump, is that we have never had any issues with it- it’s a pain-free choice that we highly recommend.

Designed for Domestic & Residential use

The pump’s compact design allows for installation in the smallest of spaces; it’s 30% smaller than traditional systems and can be installed either horizontally or vertically. It is simple and easy to install and maintain. The motor can pump a maximum of 7,200 litres per hour, making use of its integrated 2-litre pressure expansion (pressure) vessel.

Quiet Operation

Its low noise level, only 45 dB in standard use, means it can operate continuously in your home without being an annoyance. With its water-cooled motor and sound-dampening casing, it is the quietest pump on the market. Its anti-vibration feet absorb any noise and prevent vibrations.

Why We Love the DAB E.SYBOX
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The pump is equipped with a water tank, a feature that greatly reduces water hammer, the hydraulic shock or ‘blows’ that water pipes experience if a water supply point is opened hard and fast. Pumps that provide instant high pressure may increase instances of water hammer and are therefore equipped with a (built-in) tank.

Electronic Speed Adjuster

Its electronic speed adjuster guarantees a constant pressure and the required high or low water flow rates. Its variable speed control system is ideal for a pump that has multiple water taps connected. If one tap is activated, the pump will power up to a low level. If multiple taps are on, the pump will increase its power level as necessary. In brief: it ensures that the pump runs only at the RPM required to pump the water, under the right pressure, to a particular location.

Automatic Activation / Deactivation

This pump switches on or off automatically if you open or close a water point that is connected to the pump. It is useful if you want to increase the water pressure in your home. Because of the difference in pressure, the booster pump’s sensors detect when one or more water points are opened or closed. This is how the pump knows that it needs to start or stop.

Energy Savings

Because the E.SYBOX’s variable speed pump automatically adjusts the flow according to the demand, and provides constant water pressure without surges, it maximises running efficiency. As a result, it can save you 50% on running costs compared with traditional solutions. At the lowest motor speed, the E.SYBOX consumes just 0.36kW (3 bar and 12 litres a minute).

Built to Last

The pump has a ‘soft start’, which contributes to power savings and extends the lifespan of the pump. Plus, the motor is water cooled and is fully corrosion resistant. It also has dry-running protection to stop pump damage if no water is present, and the 2-litre expansion tank protects against thermal fluctuations and reduces pump starts. The pump has a 2-years parts and labour warranty, and its integrated 2-litre pressure expansion (pressure) vessel has a 5-year warranty without maintenance requirements.

Modular Design

Wireless or Bluetooth connectivity allows you to create pressure booster sets and connection to other DAB devices. The modular design means you can expand the pump system up to four linked pumps when used in a series. When partnered with the DAB E.SYTANK, you have a complete cold water pressure system that includes a 500-litre break tank.

Following the great success of the DAB E.SYBOX, the E.SYBOX MINI 3 model is equipped with the same features, but is even lighter and more compact. If you want a pump that you can leave alone once it has been installed, then the E.SYBOX or E.SYBOX MINI are the perfect options.

If you have any questions about this product or want advice about the best pump for your needs, contact us. Call Colette on 027 234 5454 or email her at admin@flowfix.co.nz