You don’t need to keep showering under an unattractive, outdated, ineffective and potentially expensive showerhead. Showering is an essential part of how you start, end, or escape your day so having a good shower is vital.

With a bit of know-how, you could elevate a simple shower box to a wonderful space for relaxation and rejuvenation. Why not create a spa-like atmosphere with multiple showerheads, including a rainfall showerhead that pours water from the ceiling, and others along the wall or get a showerhead with an extra handheld head? Add a shower seat so you can take the load off your legs as you indulge in a luxurious steam treatment. Sounds blissful.

Changing your showerhead is one of the fastest and most effective changes you can make to your shower experience. A relatively easy and inexpensive transformation, it can make all the difference.

Check your plumbing

Firstly though, you need to confirm that your plumbing can accommodate the shower system you’re eyeing up. Retrofit options are often available, but your water pressure will dictate what shower head you can have installed. Talk to us about shower head recommendations.

Some custom showers require pipes that are wider standard. In addition, your existing water heater may not have sufficient capacity to meet demand. Your shower head should provide enough flow. No one likes a low-pressure shower that just trickles out water. There is a fine line between saving water and having enough flow, so make sure you ask for some advice from our professionals.

Choosing a new shower head

After deciding you really do need a new shower, the next step is figuring out a replacement showerhead that suits you. There are more than just finishes and styles to consider. Shower heads also differ in terms of function, design and energy efficiency. Essentially, there are two main types of shower heads: fixed and hand-held. These can be high and low-pressure jets.

However, your choices will be restricted, particularly by the pressure of your hot water. If you have low-pressure hot water, then need a low-pressure shower head. These have larger bores and are usually single-flow, that is, you can’t twist the head to change the direction of the water flow.

You can choose from adjustable sprays, handhelds, wall mounts, top mounts, and drenchers. Another consideration is the flow rate and pressure. You may also wish to install an energy-efficient, low-flow model. These showerheads don’t mean low pressure, they just use less water per minute, a saving in the long run.

So, settling on the right showerhead requires a bit of thought. Are you looking for style, versatility, something that will scour your body with the force of a fire hose, or do you want to turn your bathroom into a personal spa? Let’s consider some of the best options available.

Types of shower heads

  • Standard wall-mount shower heads range from simple to designs and are made from stainless steel or brass. They come in various styles, from simple designs to more robust, feature-heavy models. You can choose heads with adjustable angles and multiple spray modes, such as a mist or massage.
  • Top-mount shower heads are installed either directly onto the ceiling or hanging down from an extension arm. Often your ceiling height will determine what overhead option is suitable for your bathroom.
  • Rain shower heads or drenchers deliver a shower of water straight down from the ceiling that feels like standing in the rain. For those after an elegant, minimalist look and a fully immersive shower experience, these are the way to go.
  • Sliding bar shower heads move up and down along a wall-mounted base. You can position the spray head anywhere along the bar to accommodate people of various heights. For a shared bathroom, a shower head such as this suits everyone.
  • Handheld shower heads are a great choice if you like a little more control or need more reach in the shower. Being removable from its mount with a flexible hose and cradle, they are useful for anyone with limited mobility or for washing kids and pets. A good idea is to choose a combination unit that includes a wall-mounting clip, allowing you to use it like a more traditional wall-mounted unit.
  • Fixed shower heads with handheld sprayers are a hybrid design, combining a fixed shower head with a handheld sprayer in one compact unit. A multi-positional diverter valve allows you to direct the water flow only to the fixed head, handheld sprayer, or both for a double blast of water.
shower replacement services

Shower head replacements

Recently, our plumbers have been installing a number of slide and column showers from Splash. Our clients have been very happy with our shower head recommendations.

hybrid shower heads

More shower head considerations

  • Aerating shower heads mix air and water to create the sensation of enhanced water pressure, even though they actually use less water.
  • Adjustable nozzles let you control the water flow and spray patterns from a light, relaxing mist to an invigorating massage spray. Nearly all but the most basic of today’s shower heads come with adjustable nozzles.
  • A low-flow shower head restricts your shower’s water flow to an eco-friendly level. Most models incorporate pressurisation technology, so water pressure isn’t compromised.

Water savings

Most NZ shower heads contain a Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards (WELS) rating from 0–6. The higher the rating, the more water-efficient the shower head and the more money you save. For example, a standard shower head uses up to 25 litres per minute. Whereas a WELS 3-star rated shower head uses around 7 litres per minute.

Make your day

Showering underneath an outdated and worn-out shower fixture can ruin your day. In addition, it can make your water bill much higher than it need be. If you can’t decide which shower head to go for, try a two-in-one combination.

Ultimately though, regardless of which shower head you like, what you can install will be governed by your plumbing system. So, before you go ahead and make a purchase, check with our plumbers. Call us on 027 265 4949 for shower head recommendations and we’ll make sure you get the best shower replacement for your place.