If you are getting ready to design a new bathroom, or renovate your current bathroom, consider creating your own bathroom mood board. Mood boards are great to help you conceptualise how the different elements of a bathroom come together, aesthetically. This blog post will walk you through the elements of a mood board and offer some tips and tricks to creating the best mood board for your space.


What is a mood board?


Mood boards are used for many design occasions, from weddings, to cakes, to interior design, to help make colour and texture choices about a project, item or event. There are a number of ways to go about creating your own bathroom mood board, but first, let’s talk about what makes a mood board. Simply put, throw together a collection of colour choices, patterns and styles and you’ve got a mood board. Primarily, the goal of a mood board is to lay out the elements in a group to see if they all work as a unit. This can help you to figure out, before renovating, exactly what kind of a look you’re going for with your bathroom.


Online mood board tools


Pinterest-logoOne of the more popular ways to design a mood board today, is through apps like Go Mood Board or Pinterest. These are the perfect tools for putting together your mood board online, or on your local hard drive. The perks of using a social mood board app like Pinterest, is that your design ideas will be open to feedback from the online community. Pinterest also allows for easy sharing of boards so others with a vested interest in your bathroom design project can easily keep up with and contribute to your latest ideas. Additionally, you will be able to look at other people’s mood boards for similar projects to glean ideas for your own.


Manual mood boards


If, for you, “cut and paste” has less to do with right-clicking your mouse and more to do with actual scissors and glue, then you may want to go for a more tactile mood board. This also works if you want more control over all the different elements of your mood board, beyond pictures that you can find online. you could go around to bathroom showrooms, taking photos and samples of everything you like as you go. That way you can more accurately compare textures as well as visual elements for your design.

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