Ever been faced with having to decide which kind of pipes to use for your home plumbing? Some pipes, like copper, are a great design solution (especially for exposed pipes. However, will they cause other, bigger problems a few years down the line? Keep reading and find out which pipes are the best pipes for plumbing in your home.

Types of pipes

Let’s start with the fore-mentioned copper pipes. These were first a hit around the 70s, especially for their anti-corrosion properties. Additionally, their aesthetic value, durability and longevity make them popular gutter material in homes today.

Another historically popular pipe material for home plumbing is galvanized steel, chosen primarily for its longer life span. This pipe is also rust-resistant and a much more affordable option than copper. Sound like the perfect option? Not quite. While galvanized steel pipes have an external zinc coating to prevent rust, there’s nothing to protect the inside of the pipe from corrosion. This, in turn can lead to a contaminated water supply and partially blocked pipes.

Thankfully, the PVC pipe has come about to check almost all the boxes; It’s ant-corrosive, longer lasting than any other pipe, affordable and easy to change up in terms of design or repairs. While not the most durable pipe available, it does work out as the option that gives the most bang for your buck.

Dux Qest pipes are one type of pipe you absolutely do not want in your home. They are well known for spontaneously failing and causing leaks.

Behind many walls and under the floors of homes and commercial properties throughout New Zealand are black plastic pipes that have been bursting for over 30 years. If your house of business premises has Dux Qest plumbing, you need to get a plumber in to replace it.

Which pipes are the best pipes for plumbing?

Copper has no real performance drawbacks as a pipe in your home. However, if you are an environmentally conscious Kiwi, you may want to think twice about purchasing this kind of pipe. Copper mining takes a large toll on the environment. Copper is also an expensive home plumbing option, but could be a great design choice for exposed pipes.

Which are the best pipes for your plumbing?

In extreme cases of galvanized pipe contamination, the colour of the water coming out of your tap will be affected. This, along with restricted water flow is a sure sign that your pipes need to be repaired or replaced. If you are unsure whether your galvanized pipes are at this stage yet, contact us for an inspection. Inspections for this type of pipe are simple and non-invasive.

PVC has the most impressive lifespan of all the pipe options. However, it can be prone to warping if used to transport hot water. So, while PVC is a great option, you’ll still need metal pipes for water from hot water cylinders to taps.

If you need to choose the right piping option for your plumbing project, contact us for advice and information about the right option for you. If you’d like more information on different pipe options, call Colette on 027 234 5454 or email the FlowFix team.