Wondering how to upgrade your shower without a reno? How about giving your kitchen a fresh look without breaking the bank? The bathroom is one of the most personal and private areas of your home. It’s important to make it a space you enjoy spending time in. Similarly, the kitchen is a space where you and your family should feel good about spending time. So what do you do when these spaces are due for a makeover but, for whatever reason, you can’t commit to a full renovation? Well, bathroom and kitchen upgrades are simpler and more cost-efficient than you may think.

Bathroom Upgrades

First, let’s begin with that private and personal space in your home: the bathroom. While many people save up for a full bathroom renovation and love their new upgrade, not everyone can afford the financial or time commitment necessary to get the job done well. As always, we’ve got you covered, with these trendy tapware options that will give your bathroom a whole new look.

Felton’s Fusion Plus Shower Mixer

On a visit, earlier in the year, to the factory of one of our favourite names in tapware: Felton, we came across some of their new products, one of which is the Fusion Plus Shower Mixer. By using a simple nozzle fitted inside the mixer, the Fusion Plus ensures a more comfortable shower in terms of temperature, regardless of whether you’re on unequal or low water pressure.

If you’re thinking of renovating, and don’t want to upgrade your hot water cylinder to high (mains) water pressure just yet, this is the mixer technology you need now. The internal nozzle is simple for a plumber to remove once you decide to upgrade to mains water pressure. This means you’ll save time and cost by leaving the existing wall lining in place.

Additional features include the option of limiting the hot water temperature for safety and/or energy saving. Also included is the option of setting the maximum flow limit for water saving.

If you’re interested in Felton’s shower mixer styles, click here to view them. Their Que, Halo, Axiss, Mila, Odyssey and Reflex Shower Mixers are impressive, too. Don’t forget that Felton offers lifetime warranties on their tapware if installed by a licenced plumber.

Methven’s Tūroa Shower Mixers

Methven, another brand that we just love, has a wide range of stylish shower mixers available. What caught our attention were these two models: Tūroa Shower Mixer and Tūroa Shower Mixer with Large Faceplate. Both are available in Brushed Gun Metal Black and Brushed Graphite (as well as in Gold and Stainless Steel). Their sleek, minimalist designs are a perfect choice for an uncluttered, sophisticated bathroom concept.

Methven’s New Zealand-designed and -engineered stainless steel tapware is intuitive to use, and its durable finish is stylish in any modern bathroom. The single levers allow the mixing of hot and cold water to the exact temperature and flow you want, in one easy movement.

Each of the two models is suitable for mains water pressure installations above 150 kPa, has a ceramic cartridge, and is highly durable with a hardwearing stainless steel faceplate.

The entire Tūroa collection is crafted from robust high-grade 304 stainless steel which is both attractive and durable. Made to stand the test of time, all these products are supported by Methven’s industry-leading 20-year warranty.

Matching sets

If you’re doing a proper shower upgrade, you’ll probably want to consider a full shower set that includes the showerhead. Though somewhat more expensive, an integrated shower upgrade can really enhance the personality of your bathroom.

Bathroom and Kitchen Upgrades

If you love beautiful design in your bathroom and kitchen, then your tapware should suit your overall concept and integrate with your décor colours. Choosing the right tapware, though, has become even more complex with the variety of stunning colours available nowadays. Particularly those trendy rose gold, matte black and gunmetal grey options we’re seeing more and more of.

Following the latest interior design trends, these distinctive colours and finishes enhance the overall look of your bathroom and kitchen, offering a contemporary, uncluttered appearance. With the help of our guide as to what’s both stylish and practical, your tapware becomes the star of the show.

Caroma’s Tapware

Their minimalist designs add a touch of elegance to any modern interior. With their refined simplicity, your kitchen and bathroom tapware will make an impression

Bathroom and Kitchen Upgrades

Caroma’s LIANO NEXUS SINK MIXER (MATTE BLACK) is an elegant choice. Sophisticated in design, the satin finish of this range makes a bold statement in any bathroom. This mixer is designed to save water and its features include a pin-level handle, a flexible soft PEX hose for superior durability and ease of installation, and a swivel outlet. It also has anti-bacterial properties which do not affect the taste or odour of the water.

Elementi’s Tapware

Elementi’s new ION tapware range is a stylish collection for the bathroom and kitchen, featuring flat profiling on the lever and the spout and is available in an elegant range of colours, including gunmetal grey and matte black. Its sleek lines deliver an aesthetically pleasing finish and a refined statement.

Elementi’s ION EXTENDED HEIGHT BASIN MIXER (in GUNMETAL GREY & MATTE BLACK) is a sleek, urbane choice. Its features include advanced cartridge technology that provides a wide operating angle and smooth operation, an aerator that reduces scaling while delivering a smooth even flow, and advanced plating that provides a durable surface with a long-lasting finish.

Bathroom and Kitchen Upgrades

Choosing your Tapware

One of the most common mistakes that people make when choosing tapware is buying a tap or shower that does not suit their home’s water pressure. In New Zealand, residential areas have low, unequal or high water pressure; it’s not consistent, and imported tapware usually only works on high water pressure. So, if you have low or unequal pressure, let your retailer know so they can point you in the direction of something that will work in your home. Or, seek the advice of our FlowFix plumbers; we’ll set you on the right path.

Now that we’ve given you some fresh ideas about your next bathroom and kitchen upgrades, we’ll give one last word on the subject: Quality. For us, Methven and Felton are the quintessential quality tapware specialists, and with their stylish gunmetal designs, you’ll be gaining in aesthetic value too!

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