Do you rely on rainwater at your North Auckland property?

For many of us who rely on water tanks, droughts, extreme dry spells and uncertain rain forecasts over summer can mean stressful times. We watch the water level drop in our water tanks yet may have to wait up to six weeks for top-ups by private water tanker firms.

Beat the water stress

Not being sure of your water supply over summer seems to be the new normal for those of us on tank water. However, some North Auckland residents, particularly those on the Whangaparaoa Peninsula, will no longer have to join waiting lists for tanker deliveries when their own watertanks run low. A new type of water service for homeowners who rely on rain tanks is now on offer. And we can help you take advantage of it.

Auckland Watercare is now allowing properties that rely on rainwater tanks but are on streets where there is a mains supply to pay for a slow, low-pressure top-up feed at a discount to a full connection. And we can hook you up!

rainwater tank fill

Town to tank water service

A town to tank water connection means residential homeowners who rely on rain tanks can now top up their tanks using the town water supply on an ‘as required’ basis. With a standard connection, the water flows directly into your home. However, the low-flow water connection will fill your rainwater tank.

This gives you greater flexibility and much better control over your water supply. A low-flow mains water connection means you won’t have to worry when water tanks run low or when guests come to stay over Christmas and new year. It removes the need to have to order water from private water carriers weeks in advance or queue for hours in the heat at local water service centres.

What is a low-flow water metre connection?

If your property is on the wastewater network, or you are close to the public water network, and have a rainwater tank that holds at least 20,000 litres, we can connect you up so you can fill your water tank. Low flow town to tank water connections hook you into the main water supply but at a much lower flow rate.

You can increase your resiliency while remaining self-sufficient. You can keep your existing rain tank and order top-ups from private water carriers as you want, but you also have the option of filling up from the mains when there’s stress on your normal supply when high demand causes long delays.

It is essentially a top-up service that can be used when you need it, and a very good option if you run out of water only occasionally, do not have the space to accommodate an additional tank, or you have a tank on a section or piece of land but no handy roof from which to fill it.

Low flow water top up

The flow rate of a town to tank connection is around 2-8 litres per minute: a much lower flow rate than a standard water metre which is at least 25 litres per minute. A mains to watertank low flow connection will top-up a 20,000-litre rainwater tank in around three days. Because it puts less pressure on the public water network, it costs significantly less than a standard water connection.

Get a town to tank water connection

To get hooked up, you will need to engage a registered plumber to complete the installation on your side of the water metre. Our FlowFix plumbers can either run a pipe up to your rain tank or install a tap inside your boundary, enabling you to run a hose as required. We normally suggest burying your pipe to avoid the sun heating the water.

How much does a slow flow water fill cost?

People will be billed based on meter readings. Fixed and volumetric charges also apply. The volumetric charge in 2020 meant it cost $34.50 for a 10,000-litre fill, plus a fixed charge of $141.45 per annum, paid in monthly instalments, as well as the initial connection charge.

Alternatively, we can install a trickle top up system uses a float valve to measure how much water you have in your tank. When the water level gets too low, mains water will trickle into the tank to top it up.


To arrange a free, no-obligation quote for a low flow water metre connection in Warkworth, Orewa, Whangaparaoa or Millwater, please contact us on 027 265 4949.