Watering your garden

Love your Auckland garden? Love eating fresh fruit and vegetables knowing where they have come from and how they were grown? Want to water your lawns and gardens without paying for water charges, or during Auckland water bans? Call us on 027 265 4949 to get a free, no-obligation quote for installing a water tank for irrigation at your place.


Benefits of a water tank for irrigation

  • reduce the load on council water systems
  • lessen the load on our environment
  • save money
  • use the free water that lands on the roof
  • know what you’re eating.

Watering your garden without the cost

Harvest rainwater and use the free water that lands on the roof of your North Shore or Hibiscus Coast property. Enjoy your garden year-round by having a tank of water for irrigation. With the right watering system in place, you can reduce your demand on mains water supply and Auckland water charges.

Installing a rainwater tank with FlowFix Plumbing is relatively simple and inexpensive, and the benefits are ongoing, even if you’re connected to the mains water supply.

Today’s environmentally smart, water saving method.

To encourage rainwater tank installation, Auckland Council has even removed resource consent fees for rainwater tank applications for residential properties.

watering the garden

How to collect and use rainwater

Simply collect rainwater from your roof and store it in a tank until you want to use it. How we set up your rainwater harvesting system will depend on how much water you need and what you want to use it for.

To collect rainwater for watering the garden, you may only need a 200-litre rain barrel or a or a 500-litre rainwater tank with a tap or connection to a soak hose. If you live in the city and are short of space, we could install a slim-line tank that fits alongside a wall on the side of your house.

In Auckland, with generally pretty good year-round rainfall, you don’t need to have a huge tank to make a difference. More often than not, we can set up your garden irrigation system using gravity feed, so there is no need for a water pump.

What about council requirements?

There is usually no problem with installing smaller tanks just for lawn and garden irrigation. However, if you’re connecting a rainwater system to the plumbing of a house that also has a mains supply, you will need a building consent, and a qualified plumber must install a backflow prevention device to ensure that the mains water is isolated from the rainwater system.

You may also need a consent to install the tank if it’s large or elevated. Check with the FlowFix team as we are up with local council rules.

Water tanks – get it done right

Rainwater tank overflow

Rainwater tanks that are poorly installed or aren’t big enough to cope with runoff from the roof, run the risk of overflow, which needs to be contained on your property or diverted to the stormwater system. If not, overflow from your tank could damage your property, and neighbouring properties for which you could be liable.

Roof materials and pipes

Some roofing materials aren’t suitable for rainwater collection. For example, if lead, chromium or cadmium are present in the roofing materials, soldering, flashings or paint, you shouldn’t collect rainwater from the roof, even if it’s just for irrigation.

Our FlowFix team is fully qualified to offer advice on all aspects of your rainwater harvesting and garden irrigation system. We bring years of plumbing skills and experience with pump systems, filtration, spouting, guttering and pipes, to your place. Our installation services include tanks, fittings, spouting, downpipes, leaf diverters, pumps, should you need one, filters and labour.

When you’re ready to have a water tank installed at your North Auckland home, call FlowFix Plumbing.

Hire FlowFix Plumbing Ltd

Harvesting rainwater saves money on your water bill and makes Auckland water go further during periods of drought. There are many different rainwater tanks to choose from; selecting the right water tank for irrigation at your place can be tricky. So, call us on 027 265 4949 to get a free, no-obligation quote.

We’re the team to help with garden irrigation and rainwater collection solutions. We can supply and install everything you need for your irrigation system: the tank, taps and pipes through to building a wooden platform to keep the tank elevated.

When you talk to us about getting a water tank for irrigation, we will go over all your requirements and outline options available, provide a quote, and complete the job on time and on budget while providing you with a 12-month warranty on our workmanship.

Economise by collecting rainwater

A water tank for irrigation is the perfect solution for gardeners and lawn owners in urban areas and harvesting rainwater is becoming increasingly popular across Auckland as homeowners become more environmentally conscious. Our team has successfully installed water tanks for irrigation across the North Shore and Hibiscus Coast to many happy customers. Read about water harvesting and we’ll hear from you soon.

water tank garden irrigation

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