Water harvesting at your North Auckland property

Install a rainwater tank at your home and you can water your garden, top up spas and swimming pools, wash the car, wash the boat, wash the house and even wash the kids for free. Water harvesting saves money by diverting rainwater from your roof into an onsite water tank for you to use instead of paying water charges.

Beat the water stress

Love your home garden? Love knowing where your fresh fruit and vegetables have come from? Want to wash the boat or the car over summer? Water harvesting means you can.

Install a water tank water and you can use the free water that lands on the roof of your Rodney or Hibiscus Coast property and enjoy your garden year-round while reducing your demand on mains water supply and Auckland water charges.

Getting FlowFix Plumbing to install a rainwater tank is relatively simple and inexpensive, and the benefits are ongoing. To encourage rainwater tank installation, Auckland Council has even removed resource consent fees for rainwater tank applications for residential properties.

There are many different rainwater tanks to choose from. They come in different shapes, sizes and materials, including plastic, concrete, or metal. Depending on where you live, what your property is like and why you need a water tank, selecting the one right can be tricky.

So, call us on 0800 476 144 to get a free, no-obligation quote for installing a water tank for water harvesting at your place. We will go over your water requirements, outline the options available, and provide a quote for the delivery and installation. We can then supply and install everything you need for your irrigation system: the tank, taps and pipes through to building a wooden platform to keep the tank elevated.

How to harvest rainwater

Simply collect rainwater from your roof and store it in a tank until you want to use it. How we set up your rainwater harvesting system will depend on how much water you need and what you want it for.

To collect rainwater for watering the garden, you may only need a 200-litre rain barrel or a or a 500-litre rainwater tank with a tap or connection to a soak hose. If you are short of space, we can install a slim-line tank that fits on a wall on the side of your house.

Our team has successfully installed water tanks for irrigation across the North Shore, Rodney and the Hibiscus Coast to many happy customers. Read more about water harvesting and we’ll hear from you soon.

Town to tank water service

A water tank for irrigation is the perfect solution for gardeners and lawn lovers, and we can help even if you’re on a property that relies on a rainwater tank but are on a street where there is a mains supply.

Auckland Council is now allowing town to tank water connections. A low-flow water metre is essentially a top-up service that can be used when you need it, so residential homeowners who rely on water harvesting can top up their tanks using town water supply when water tanks run low. You can keep watering the garden during a drought.

No more paying for water charges or watching lawns and gardens die over summer or during Auckland water bans.


To arrange a free, no-obligation quote for water harvesting and water tank installation in Warkworth, Orewa, Whangaparaoa or the North Shore, please contact us on 027 265 4949.