How to tell if you are on low or mains pressure

Take a hot shower. Is there a strong flow of hot water? If your answer is no, then you are probably on low pressure. For further proof, check to see if your hot water cylinder has mains pressure clearly marked, as most mains pressure systems are. Have a look at our previous blog post on when you need to replace your hot water cylinder. There are a few other ways to tell if your home is running on low pressure, especially if your home is older than 20 years, but we recommend giving us a call so that we can tell you for sure whether switching from low to mains pressure is the best option for you.

what are your options

So you’ve figured out that your home is, indeed, running on low pressure, and you’d like to upgrade. First, you’ll need to decide if you’d like to change to gas or mains pressure. Each has their own attractions.

changing to gas

If you’re worried about keeping your power bill a little lower, then this is the option for you as it runs independent of electricity. This energy efficient cylinder will never leave you without hot water when you need it most.

switching from low to mains pressure hot water cylinder.

The more popular option. This hot water cylinder upgrade will be more tapware friendly- especially if you have modern tapware. Say goodbye to cold showers when the dishwasher is running, your shower pressure will no longer be dependent on any other household water restrictions. Given Auckland’s water restrictions through 2020 and 2021 so far, it’s important not to have to waste running water while you wait for things to heat up. This upgrade promises an almost immediate, even flow of high pressured, hot water from any tap in your home, so that you can easily do your part in saving water.

Furthermore, when you decide to upgrade your plumbing, having a modern mains pressure system will mean that your renovation choices are not limited to what your low pressure hot water cylinder could handle. Lately, modern tapware ranges are less and less compatible with the old-school low pressure systems, so switching to mains is an almost inevitable change that most homeowners will have to make. We recommend making that change before your lack of a suitable hot water system really becomes a problem.

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switching from low to mains pressure

Heard of the DAB ESY box pump? Read our recent blog on why we love it. If you’re wanting to make the switch to a mains pressure pump, you could take it one step further and go with the DAB ESY. It is a consistent client-pleaser due to it’s durability, high quality, constant (and instant) pressure, energy savings and its efficient use of water.

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