Which is better, horizontal or vertical towel rails? Horizontal towel rails are the most common in homes around New Zealand. Often, a classic Kiwi bathroom is finished off with a heated, horizontal towel rail, but change is in the air. Since the rise of the vertical towel rail, either heated or unheated, the modern-day homeowner is presented with options galore. So, which rail is ranked highest?

The heated towel rail debate

When choosing your bathroom towel rails, we recommend going for a heated rail. It ensures faster drying and less of a cold shock when stepping out of the shower in those winter months. Yet, that still leaves you with the big question; which is better, horizontal or vertical towel rails? While there may not be a simple, one-size-fits-all answer, At FlowFix Plumbing we know which we prefer. We are happy to be here to help you to figure out which style suits you best.


Which is better, vertical or horizontal towel rails? | Verso 77 Heated Towel Rail

The classic towel rail design can easily bring sophistication to your bathroom. There are many types of horizontal rail to choose from, depending on your tastes. From a single tube to a laddered design. You can have your towel rail free-standing, or secured to a wall, and in a number of sleek colours, including gunmetal grey to go with your new tapware. There are some beautiful options for heated horizontal towel rails like those over at plumbline. If you’re thinking of redesigning your bathroom, consider its size, the number of people that regularly use it and how many towels you would like to be able to dry and warm at once. If your bathroom is more cramped, you may want to consider going for a stylish vertical rail instead.



Which is better, vertical or horizontal towel rails?

Our personal favourite style of towel rail here at FlowFix Plumbing serves both function and style while giving your home that modern edge.

Better yet, consider wall space issues a thing of the past! This space-saving alternative to the horizontal towel rail is even more effective at keeping your towels dry since the towels needn’t be folded up to be hung up. No need for folding means even the laziest bathroom user in your household will find it easy to keep their towels hung up instead of thrown on the bathroom floor. If you’ve got younger kids using your bathroom, they’ll even find it easy to keep their towels hung up after use, which means less running around and tidying up after them for parents.

Which is better, horizontal or vertical towel rails?

At FlowFix Plumbing in Orewa, we prefer vertical, but remember to consider your design goals, your space and the number of bathroom users. So, if you’re upgrading or renovating your bathroom this Christmas, don’t forget to consider installing a heated towel rail. Vertical, or horizontal, we’ll be there to set it up.

Just call us today and let’s discuss upgrading your bathroom and choosing a towel rail. Call Colette today on 027 234 5454 or email the FlowFix team